Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Welcome To Our Little Wasps

We are two SCAD graduate students living in only the most awesome house on the planet.

What makes it more awesome?
Our very own wasp nest to observe freely and safely at all hours of the day.

We've grown very attached to our little friends in the few days they've been attached to the outside of our bathroom window,
so we decided to start a blog about them.

My name is Emily J Sampson,
and I am a Sequential Art graduate, in my third and final year at SCAD.
Lauren moved into my house this year and it's been nothing but awesome since then.
When she mentioned to me that we have a wasp nest outside our bathroom, I didn't imagine it was literally on the other side of our window!

We're both taking Constructive Animal Anatomy at SCAD, and it's warped our brains to the extent that, rather than eliciting a response of fear as it would in normal human beings, our wasp nest made us more than excited.
"Reference!!" we both squealed.

We've been taking pictures and having intellectual discussions on certain habits we've noticed in our little wasp friends every day,
and one night I had an epiphany.
"Let's keep a blog for our wasps," I told Lauren.
She smiled and agreed wholeheartedly,
so here we are.

Days since noticing the wasp nest (henceforth this shall be called "Build Time"): 3 days
Number of wasps (henceforth this shall be called "Colony Size"): 24-30
Length of the nest from top to bottom by width of the nest from side to side (henceforth this shall be called "Nest Size"): 1.5" x 3"

Thanks for reading!
I look forward to cataloging our journey with you along for the ride!
-Emily J Sampson (EJS)